About 360 Landscapes

Like so many businesses in Southern Alberta, 360 Landscapes started on a farm. Our owner Jacob Loewen was planting crops and tending them, growing life in our rich Southern Albertan soil when he realized he needed a challenge.

A bit of a Jack-Of-All-Trades, Jacob tried his hand at industrial pest control, then branched into erosion control and hydroseeding. It was here he realized his passion for making properties beautiful, and the idea for 360 Landscapes was born.

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Beautifying landscapes, one property at a time

Jacob gathered a trusted team, purchased equipment, and now creates inspiring landscapes for both residential and commercial customers across Southern Alberta.

Today, it’s 360 Landscape’s mission to provide every client with quality services to create truly magnificent landscapes.

Trusted landscaping services

360 Landscapes is your one-stop shop for all things landscaping. Whether you live in town, on an acreage, or you’re looking for commercial work, we can create gorgeous landscapes for you!

Meet The Team

Jacob Loewen

Jacob Loewen

With roots in farming, Jacob’s been working with earth his whole life. He founded 360 Landscapes in 2018, and through hard work, he helps customers get the most out of their properties. Customers appreciate Jacob’s gentle, down-to-earth demeanor, as well as his penchant for making sure every project turns into a job well-done.


Ben Neufeld

Ben is our landscaping foreman with over half a decade of experience as a landscaper. A natural leader, Ben’s in-depth knowledge and strong work ethic helps him maintain excellence and quality in every landscaping job. Whatever the project, Ben’s the guy who just gets things done!


Abe Reimer

Abe’s our irrigation specialist and usually has his head down, deep in his work! It takes a lot to design and build a solid underground sprinkler system, and Abe’s got the tools and know-how to get every job done right. His experience and blue-collar work ethic makes him an invaluable member of the crew.