Hydroseeding and Erosion Control in Southern Alberta

When you have acres of property, installing pallets of sod can add up quickly. While seeding is cheaper, it takes a long time for it to take root. However, even then, it can still get choked out by weeds before it’s established or get washed away by continual erosion.

More cost-effective than sod and quicker than traditional seeding, Hydroseeding from 360 Landscapes offers the best of both worlds. Within weeks of planting, you’ll notice the difference as grass starts to take root, securing the soil below and exploding in nutrient-rich grass.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hydroseeding?

It’s the process of applying a mixture of seed, mulch, fertilizer, soil amendments and water which causes rapid germination of grass. Often, our customers see the first blades coming up within just a week of planting!

How long will it take to see grass?

As mentioned above, our customers often see grass starting to sprout up within just 3 – 5 days of hydroseeding.

Why and when should I choose to hydroseed?

There are many benefits to hydroseeding, including quick germination, protecting seeds from wind and erosion, and giving grass a better chance to outcompete weeds.

How do I maintain my newly hydroseeded lawn?

A hydroseeded lawn needs little maintenance other than regular watering. Once per day for about 20 minutes (morning or late afternoon) should suffice.

Is a hydroseeded lawn as thick as sod?

Yes! Your hydroseeded lawn will grow as thick and as green as fresh sod.

When is the best time to hydroseed?

We can hydroseed all throughout the growing season if you have underground irrigation. If you do not have irrigation – then spring or fall are more ideal times to plant.

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