Sod Laying in Southern Alberta

Like switching from black and white to colour, sod takes your yard from uninspiring tones to lush, emerald green grass as quickly as possible. With proper installation, quality care – and the right, nutrient-rich soil – your lawn will stay a bright and lively, weed-free green for years to come.

At 360 Landscapes, we go beyond simply laying down sod. By removing clay and other unsuitable substrates and replacing the top layer with a flat, even layer soft loam, we lay the foundation for a beautiful lawn that’s easy to maintain. Then, before we leave, we fertilize the sod to ensure it takes root quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for sod once it’s installed?

New sod should be immediately watered after installation, followed by daily watering (about 20-minutes twice each day for the next couple of weeks). Underground irrigation is the best way to ensure your lawn is getting the correct amount of water.

When can I mow new sod?

New sod should not be mowed (or walked on) until the roots are firmly established. This typically happens at least two weeks after laying the sod.

Should I bag the clippings on new sod?

While bagging lawn clippings will create a cleaner look, it’s not necessary. In fact, those decomposing clippings can add extra nutrients back into your lawn. Try bagging every other week and mow new sod at a height of 2 ½ to 3 inches. Remember, you don’t want to mow it too short, as you risk stressing your new grass – especially during the hottest summer months.

Should I sod or hydroseed?

Hydroseeding is a great option for larger areas where sod is not feasible and you still want a green area established rapidly. For advice on which service to choose, contact 360 Landscapes.

Where do you get your sod from?

We work with trusted local suppliers like Boss Sod who take care to grow the healthiest grass that’s free of weeds and diseases.

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