Retaining Walls in Southern Alberta

Retaining walls not only drastically increase the usable space in your yard, but they also add visual interest to your entire property. Whether you want to create a level playing field for your children to enjoy, or a patio to enjoy warm, summer evenings, retaining walls compound the benefits of your entire yard.

Without staying power, a retaining wall isn’t effective. At 360 Landscapes, we walk our clients through the process of finding the right retaining wall for their needs, then take the time to build it right, so you can be confident it’s safe from tilting or buckling down the road. Get rid of slopes and hills that make your yard difficult to use with a solidly-built retaining wall from 360 Landscapes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a retaining wall?

More than just a beautiful addition to your landscape, a retaining wall can increase the usable space in your yard by creating a more level area. Retaining walls are also an effective method to stop soil erosion.

How do retaining walls work?

Retaining walls work by leaning into the soil being held back (helping to level out land), or they’re anchored into the soil to help prevent erosion.

How high should my retaining walls be?

This varies greatly depending on your property. Contact 360 Landscapes and we can help you determine the best height for retaining walls in your yard.

What different types of retaining walls can I choose from?

There are many different styles and colors to choose from – and we’d be happy to help you decide what would best suit your needs.

How long will it take you to build my retaining wall?

This varies greatly as it depends on the size of your project. As always, we pride ourselves on getting projects done in a timely and efficient manner. Get in Touch with us today to discuss your retaining wall project.

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